Level Up! Business Program Toowoomba 2021

The ‘Level Up’
Business Program 2021

Toowoomba’s Ultimate
Step-By-Step Business Mentoring Program to Build a
Business That Truly Serves You!


Level Up Your Business Game!

All the Tips & Tricks of the Trade
Applied to Your Specific Circumstances

4 Month Program Limited to Only 6 Participants

Do you dream of building a business that truly serves you and your lifestyle?

Are you ready to take control of and supercharge your business finances?

Is it time to minimise your risk and maximise your peace of mind as you scale?

Do you want support from some of the brightest minds in the business world?

If you answered ‘yes’ or better yet, ‘hell yes’ to any of the above questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Level Up! Business Program Toowoomba 2021
Level Up! Business Program Toowoomba 2021

Welcome to the
Level Up Business Program

This is your ultimate step-by-step program to build a business that truly serves you, complete with all the legal and financial systems, structures and strategies to help you level up and smash your goals.

Created by entrepreneur and finance guru Emma Bowdler and experienced business and legal advisor Peta Gray, the Level Up Business Program is an exclusive four-month accelerator program to help you to do just that: level up.

Even after running and scaling successful businesses, neither Emma nor Peta have ever forgotten what it’s like to be in the trenches as entrepreneurs.

With 25 years of combined experience, Emma & Peta have been helping businesses of all sizes, from startups to ASX-listed companies, to get clear on what they want to achieve and create a fool-proof roadmap to get them there.

“When we first met Emma and Peta, we were struggling, overwhelmed, at our wits end, and ready to pack in the towel.

We had met with other professionals who talked down to us and barely took the time to answer our questions that we had as new business owners. From the moment we met with Emma and Peta, we knew we had finally found the support we needed. They believed in us and more importantly believed in our business vision.

From the first meeting we felt at ease and in less than a year we have taken our business to the next level. We have had a complete turnaround and are now confident in how our business runs, makes a profit and know we have put in place strategies to mitigate any legal risks. You will not find better down to earth people to have in your corner.

We will be forever grateful for the difference that they have both made not only in our business, but our personal life. Signing up with Emma and Peta was the best business decision we ever made and will probably ever make. We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for them. 

If we can do it (as complete business novices) – you can too!”

- Matthew and Emily Banhidi

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Level Up! Business Program Toowoomba 2021

Over four value-packed months, Emma & Peta will get to know your business intimately and give you all the tips and tricks of the trade to help you level up your business game in a small group setting.

Limited to only 6 participants, the program combines a mix of 1:1 and small group sessions to make sure you get the most out of the program.

Level Up! Business Program Toowoomba 2021
Level Up! Business Program Toowoomba 2021

Clarity on your goals and where your business is heading


A completed budget template that forecasts how you will get from where you are now to where you want to go


Deep new connections with five other bright business owners who are facing the same hurdles you are


Lifetime access to a private Facebook group where you can get your hands on further support from our business ‘brains trust’


A roadmap that breaks down step-by-step how you are going to level up your business


A basic brand and marketing strategy that outlines who your ideal customers are and how you are going to reach them


1:1 mentoring and insider tips from two experienced business owners who’ve been there, done that, and got the scars to prove it


A new mindset to help you play even bigger in your business


Completed business financial and legal health checks, including tailored recommendations
to minimise your risk and maximise your peace of mind


A pricing strategy and profitability model


Access to a team of trusted advisors who can support you on all areas of your business from IP, to web development, brand storytelling, copywriting and even bookkeeping


You lack confidence in the financial and legal side of your business


You feel like you’re working hard but not working smart


You want to scale your business but you don’t know where to start


You are on the verge of expanding and you want to have the right systems and structures in place to minimise the growing pains

We created the Level Up Business Program because we constantly meet entrepreneurs and business owners going the journey alone, putting bucketloads of blood, sweat and tears into their businesses and watching their hairlines recede, all without any guarantees that it will work or enough of the good stuff to make it all worth it.

We want business owners to have the support they need, the experienced insights they crave, and the roadmap to success they deserve.

Does this sound like something you need in your life? The Level Up Business Program is for you!

Level Up! Business Program Toowoomba 2021

Spread out over four fabulous months, the Level Up Business Program is being offered at a limited, special price of $5,500 inc GST.

With a total value of over $13,000 not including what you stand to gain once you’ve levelled up your business game!

We offer flexible payment terms of just $1,375 a month over four months.

We know that what you learn in this course will work, so we are prepared to offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee if you decide that it’s not for you.

Plus, you’ll never need to invest in another business course like this again, because you’ll have everything you need to succeed!

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Enterprise Legal | Peta Gray

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