Meet and Greet:

Call with
The Women’s Accountant

An obligation-free 30-minute initial
consult over cake and coffee, either
virtually or in our Toowoomba office.

What Is It?

In this 30-minute introductory meeting, get ready to sit back, relax, and share the ins and outs of your business. From the big vision to what’s tearing your hair out, nothing is ever off-limits, too out-there, or too crazy (trust us – we’ve seen it all).

Who Is This For?

Women in business who are looking for a new accountant, business advisor and cheerleader extraordinaire in one, or those who simply want to try out our fun and fuss-free approach to finance.

Video Conferencing Available via Zoom!

We Offer Face-To-Face Video Consultations to Anywhere in Australia

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What You Need To Know

No Strings Attached:

This is a zero-pressure zone.

We’re here to listen, understand your needs, and show you what’s possible together.

No hot air, just hot tips, as we always say.

Undivided Attention:

We want to know the face behind the finances!

We want to hear what makes you tick, and how business is really going, so we can make sure you have all the information you need on what to do next.

Skin in the Game:

Our time is valuable and so is yours. That’s why our Meet & Greet Discovery Call is priced at $47, which is donated to our favourite charity, Protea Place, supporting women and children experiencing family violence and homelessness.

Alternatively, you can donate blood, send us a pic, and the session will be on the house!


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