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Business Growth Strategy Session

Ready for bolder plans and business
to boom? Let’s make it happen!

Set your business up for success and
scale with the award-winning
business strategists at The
Women’s Accountant.

Take Your Business to
the Next Level Of Impact

Success in business is built off the back of your capacity to zoom out and see the bigger picture, and then zoom in to take action on things that really move the dial. But when you’re head down, bum up all day, it can be really hard to get the strategic perspective you need and see the wood from the weeds.

If you are looking for expert insights to take your business to that next level of profitability, sophistication and impact, then look no further. This is *the* session for you.

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60 Minutes

(plus some pre- and post-work)

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(link provided upon booking)

The Cost


$1497 inc. GST

(and you bet it’s tax deductible!)

What Is It?

Welcome to your next big business move! In our Business Growth Strategy Session, we go far beyond the basics to deliver a comprehensive analysis of your business structure and financials designed to propel your business forward. This high-octane on-on-one session is tailored to your business and will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Entirely practical, empathetic, and solutions-focused, we dive into the nitty gritty of your business and give you everything you need to take control of your finances and steer your business toward success. No fluff. No faff. Pure impact.

Bloom & Boom

How It Works

After you have completed our preliminary questionnaire and given us access to Xero, our expert team will take you through a 60-minute session that opens the doors to all new levels of profitability and operational efficiency. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you exactly how the sausage is made.

You’ll walk away with:

Customised Financial Report:

Detailed analysis of your financials using our powerful calculator tool

Cash Conversion Cycle Analysis:

Understand exactly how your money moves, including how we can speed things up or slow them down

Profit Enhancement Strategies:

We walk you through bespoke strategies to boost cash flow and profits, based on your industry and type of business

Future Forecasting:

See a ‘before and after’ visual projection of how these strategies could enhance your financial health and boost your bottom line

Takeaway Resources:

Receive a custom strategy detailing all of your numbers and strategies so it becomes something you *actually* use to level up your business going forward

“These Business Growth Strategy Sessions have been a total game-changer for so many of our clients.

It’s not just about crunching numbers; it’s about providing tailored strategies and personalised support that drives real results. And people love watching in real time how they can boost cash flow, reduce debtor days or increase profit. I’ve had some clients make remarkable improvements in their business, from boosting profitability by 50% to making decisions to shut unprofitable arms of the business.

It’s all about taking control of your finances, making informed decisions, and deciding — yes, I want this for myself and my business.”

Emma Bowdler

Founder and Head Bean Counter,
The Women’s Accountant

Bloom & Boom: Business Growth Strategy Session | The Women's Accountant

Bloom & Boom

What Can I Expect?


Expert Help From Women Who’ve Been There, Done That, And Got The P&Ls To Prove It:

If you’re ready to be brave in business, and in life, we’ve got your back. Besides being bloody great accountants, our business strategists are down to earth, successful entrepreneurs themselves, and mums with a fierce commitment to hard work, going the extra mile and telling it like it is.


Non-Cookie Cutter Advice:

Rather than all flavours of vanilla, we are known for providing specific, actionable strategies designed to boost profitability based on your business’s *actual* data and our team’s expert analysis. This bespoke approach ensures that the strategies are hella practical and directly applicable, so you can focus only on opportunities that offer the highest return on investment (and joy)


No Hot Air, Just Hot Tips:

We guarantee these strategies work, if you do. How can we be sure? Because it’s the same advice we’ve used to increase revenue in our own business by an average of 40% YoY, boost our net profit, only work with people we love, and supercharge our turnaround times for maximum efficiency. You will never get any advice that we wouldn’t be prepared to follow ourselves, and there’s never any throwing stones from ivory towers.


Sayonara Self-Doubt, Hello Confidence:

Just like a business plan helps you externalise your goals, our ‘Bloom & Boom’ Business Growth Strategy Session does the same for your finances. It’s like having a financial fairy godmother who’s seen it all and has the spreadsheets to back it up. As you take action and follow these plans, watch as self-doubt vanishes and unshakeable confidence takes its place. Cya never, imposter syndrome!

Boom & Bloom

Who Is This For?

Bloom & Boom: Business Growth Strategy Session | The Women's Accountant

Business owners ready to elevate their profit margins or try out a new Pricing Strategy

Entrepreneurs who want to unlock more efficient cash flow

Bloom & Boom: Business Growth Strategy Session | The Women's Accountant

Decision-makers eager for actionable insights and specific financial strategies to boost sustainable growth

Why We Love It
(And Think You Will Too)

Most of the time, business is a whole lotta Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. And as business owners, we’re forever getting advice from the cheap seats, or our Mum’s Next Door Neighbour’s Hairdresser on how we can do things differently or better. Yeah, no thanks.

Our ‘Bloom & Boom’ Business Growth Strategy Session is about getting the right advice from those who are also in the arena getting their asses occasionally handed to them. It’s about using sophisticated financial analysis tools to help you identify not just where your money is currently going, but also what areas of the business are underutilised or where there are overly costly operations.

We want to help you zero in on the *right* opportunities and truly take advantage of your unique selling point.

Bloom & Boom: Business Growth Strategy Session | The Women's Accountant

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