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The Women’s Accountant

Are You Ready To Create A Kickass Business By Design With Freedom As The Bottom Line?

We have three value-packed package options to choose from, all designed to help take the stress out of running your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

‘Keeping You Compliant’
‘Know and Grow Your Business’
‘Business BFF’
Starting Price
$289 per month
$749 per month
$2,899 per month
The 'vibe'
Never miss a due date again and sleep well knowing the tax man ain’t gonna be knocking at your door.
Hands-on strategic support to take your business to the next level and start turning a healthier profit.
Expert help on hand whenever you need it, without the heavy overheads. Strictly limited spots available.
Preparation & lodgement of business tax return & financial statements
ASIC Management
‘Quickies’ via email or phone throughout the year
Access to our popular Biz Booster Masterclass Series
Access to our thriving Kick-Arse Women Doing Business Facebook Group
Preparation and lodgement of BAS (additional fee)
Our signature 1:1 Strategy Intensives and bespoke Bold Business Blueprint
Four initial sessions, with a one-off fee but no accountability (additional fee)
Four initial sessions with quarterly goal setting and accountability mechanisms (additional fee)
Four initial sessions with monthly goal setting and accountability mechanisms (included with NO additional fee)
Annual budget preparation
Monthly Management Reporting and customised commentary of your numbers
Annual Tax Planning
Monthly Bookkeeping (additional fee)
Payroll Processing (additional fee)
Perfect for
Sole traders, small and micro businesses with a decent level of financial savvy and a clear idea of their business goals and how to achieve them.
Small-medium sized businesses, start ups and scale-ups. Those wanting expert tips and guidance to amplify their profit and impact.
Rapidly growing or big businesses with little to no in-house finance capabilities. Wanting the skills and experience of a multi-six figure CFO, without the price tag.

You can also add these services for an additional fee:

  • Company or Trust setup
  • Business name registration
  • ABN, GST, TFN or PAYG registration
  • Xero setup and training

Who We’re For

Is The Women’s Accountant Right For You?

Choosing an accountant and business advisor is a Big Deal, so it’s important to make sure we have chemistry before we jump between the (spread)sheets!

These are the kinds of people we love to work with:

CEOs and Founders with scale on the horizon, looking for strategic support from women who’ve been there, done that, and got the P&Ls to prove it.

Sole-traders & small business owners seeking expert help to dot the i’s in financial independence and cross the t’s in tax-time, plus laser-focused support on the strategy side.

Women-owned and run businesses, or businesses where women take care of the finances. We literally get out of bed in the morning to help women build bold businesses.

Admin & HR rockstars who are busy keeping someone else’s business on the tracks but need extra reinforcements on the finance and strategy side.

Service-based or trade-based businesses, from marketing to legal firms and from beauty to construction.

‘It’s not you, it’s us’ — the people we don’t work with:

❌ People not running a business, or who are not associated with a business (spouses or partners of business owners, you’re fine). Basically, we don’t take on individual tax returns.

‘Side hustlers’ or hobby business owners who are not deriving their main source of income from the business (however, you might be interested in a Business Growth Strategy Session).

❌ Businesses who don’t (or are not willing to) use Xero — we are a Gold Champion Xero Partner and pretty bloody keen to stay that way. If you’re planning on sticking with an accounting platform other than Xero, we’re probably not the accountants for you.

Retail or product-based businesses — while we love the chance to work across different industries with businesses of all shapes and sizes, unfortunately we are not currently taking on businesses in retail, hospitality or primarily product-based businesses.

People who aren’t a good fit for us — while it is really important for you to find the right finance wing woman, it is equally important that we work with businesses that are the right fit for us and that we feel we can have a big impact on. And the last thing we want to do is overcommit or underdeliver — you deserve more than that.

Why We Believe Fortune Favours the Fierce

It’s the world’s worst kept secret that we strive to be far more than your ordinary business bean counters. With us, you get the fierce, you get the finance, and you get a fresh, no BS take on your business strategy, all delivered directly to you by our experienced team of accountants and advisors. You can expect: 

  • Bucketloads of value — our popular Biz Booster Masterclass Series valued at $395 is included in every package, and it’s tax deductible. This gives you the chance to boost all aspects of your business with industry experts, not just the finance ones.
        • Strategy and accountability — we offer the chance to supercharge your success with a one-off or regular ‘Bold Business Blueprint’, our new signature side dish helping businesses identify their goals and create a plan to achieve them. Find out more about our bespoke Bold Business Blueprint.
        • Regular touchpoints — business owners who are in more regular contact with their accountants, do better in business. So, even on our basic package, we slide into your DMs (or inboxes!) on a regular basis to make sure you are getting all the help you need.
        • Personalisation and bespoke support — business isn’t ‘one size fits all’ so neither is our advice. Plus, we are a digital firm and work hard to streamline all aspects of your finances by keeping our head in the cloud.
        • Bonus content and expert insights — we pour a lot of heart into making sure you have access to the best in the business blog articles, downloadable guides and resources to help you create a thriving business by design.
        Pricing & Packages | The Women's Accountant

        Fixed-Fee For Maximum Certain-Tee

        No one likes nasty surprises or feeling like every minute is being tracked. It’s important to us that you know upfront what you can expect your investment to be, so you can plan ahead and so you don’t have to stress about calling or emailing us for a ‘quickie’ — it’s all included.

        Based on the size and complexity of your organisation, we put together a starting quote and offer the choice of monthly instalments or a lump-sum yearly fee. That’s what we mean by ‘fixed fee’.

        So, not only is working with us tax deductible, but you get maximum transparency and certainty, and you don’t have to stress about calling or emailing us for a ‘quickie’, which is basically anything that can be done in under 15 minutes (think: answering a question about your latest BAS or helping you code something in Xero).


        The Bold Business Blueprint

        Get ready to say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a simple and easy-to-follow roadmap that will revolutionise the way you do business.

        Ready To Call In Our Flock Of Finance Chicks?

        Get ready to experience the difference of having a finance team who are part cheerleaders, part real talkers, part truth bombers, and part business coaches in your corner. We’re here to help you — yes, you — build the business of your dreams, and we won’t stop until we do.

        Book Your 60-Minute Business Growth Strategy Session

        Ready to get down to business?
        Book a FREE initial strategy session with The Women’s Accountant today!

        You will leave this initial session with clarity about how to take your business to the next level, along with some of Emma’s invaluable advice and tricks of the trade.

        Total Value = $330.00

        Book Your 60-Minute Business Growth Strategy Session | The Women's Accountant

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