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The ‘5S’ Formula

Tailored to suit you and your goals, our fresh, fabulous, and no fuss approach to business strategy is based on our signature ‘5S formula’:

1. Systems

We help make sure you have the right systems in place to minimise headaches and maximise joy, from your accounting software to your sales process and everything in between.

2. Structures

Making sure your business structure (e.g. sole trader, partnership, trust, company) will allow for the kind of growth and lifestyle you’re after, and if not, let’s get it sorted.

3. Strategy

Getting crystal clear on your values, goals and what you want to achieve, we plot a path to get you there that allows for plenty of Bali breaks and chocolate cakes along the way.

4. Scalability

Can your business withstand the inevitable pains of growing? We’ll help you set up for scale so that when profits (and expenses) go up, your hairline stays right where it is.

5. Success

Whether it’s taking more holidays or cracking a new market, success looks different for all of us. Let’s define what success means to you, and make it tangible enough to reach out and touch.

Business Strategy & Advisory | The Women's Accountant

Strategic Business Mentoring

Forge Your Own Path

With decades of combined experience growing and running successful businesses, we can help shine a light on what’s holding you back from achieving scale and success on your terms, and instead build a kickass business growth strategy from the ground up.

Using our tried and tested ‘5S formula’ and Bold Business Blueprint, The Women’s Accountant is here to get your business firing on all cylinders.

“I knew I wanted to grow my business but I never had the brain space to do anything other than just make little tweaks here and there. Right from our very first session together, Emma helped me get crystal clear on my goals and gave me such good insights into what it takes to run a successful business. She quickly identified some things I could do to get started straight away and now I’m coming off the back of my highest grossing quarter ever! Booyah!”

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– Emily, Prestige Paint & Restoration

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