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Introducing the
Biz Booster Video Masterclass Series

At The Women’s Accountant, we actually want your business to succeed. In fact, we make it our business to help you build the thriving, profitable and kickass business of your dreams. Make this the year you get fierce in your business with The Women’s Accountant ‘Biz Booster’ Masterclass Series

Delivered via Zoom once a month, we host an experienced and savvy industry expert to share their tips and tools for getting sh*t done. This isn’t just us telling you what we know – it’s also giving you insider access to the people who help us run a killer business, and they’re raring to share those expertise with you too. 

By tapping into the brains of our community of experts, you will learn easy to implement tools and techniques to boost all aspects of your business from supercharging your marketing to fattening the bottom line and safeguarding the legal loopholes.

The Women’s Accountant ‘Biz Booster’ Masterclass Series has been designed to support women no matter what stage of your business journey you’re at – from the sole trader to the soon-to-be crowned SHE-EO.

This Series Is Perfect For You If:

Sole Traders / Small-Medium Business Owners

You want practical and actionable ways to remove business bottlenecks and improve in all areas of your business

Sole Traders / Small-Medium Business Owners

You are keen to learn from others who’ve ‘been there, done that’ and have the balance sheet to prove it


You have success and scale on the horizon, and are looking to level up your business game

Sole Traders / Small-Medium Business Owners

You want more than cookie cutter tips, you want the real and the raw straight from the experts

Sole Traders / Small-Medium Business Owners

You are looking for quick wins as well as long-term success strategies

No hot air, just hot tips. That’s how we do it at The Women’s Accountant!

“Personal recommendations are super important to me. Like, I want to know who all the people are behind the scenes making businesses I admire run smoothly and make money. That’s what I love about this series! It’s like having access to a secret successful support squad!”

J.L. - Sole Trader, Hospitality Industry


Sole Trader, Hospitality Industry

“I wanted an accountant who would take care of more than the books; but who would actually take care of me as a business owner. I’ve learned so much from Emma and her team, and love that through this community I have access to lots of expert information from people who’ve lived it and learned from it, so you can trust it that bit more.”

C.C. - Small Business Owner, Boutique Accessories Brand


Business Owner, Boutique Accessories

“As a business owner, I know I can’t do everything at once, but I want to at least know a little bit about every area of my business so I can help steer the ship (and avoid the icebergs!). What really appeals to me about this Masterclass series is getting a little bit of everything, and knowing who to call on if I need to dive a little deeper.”

Z.B. - Marketing Agency Owner


Marketing Agency Owner

What’s In Store for the Series?

Our very own Founder and multi-award winning accountant Emma Bowdler will take you from Xero to Shero in your business backend, and help you work through a profit-first pricing strategy to fatten up the bottom line;
One of our favourites marketing jedis will get you up to speed with everything shiny and new in the social media world and how to get the biggest bang for your marketing buck;
A poppin’ copywriter and in-house fave will share the secrets to telling a compelling brand story that brings all the customers to the yard;
Our lawyer will be sharing everything you need to know about Fair Work and legal essentials for small business to help you cross the i’s and dot the t’s (and avoid the orange jumpsuits!);
A trusted broker and adviser will be sharing all things lending and leveraging to help you get the most out of your busine$$.
    Emma Bowdler - The Women's Accountant

    And There’s Plenty More Grrrrrrreatness Where That Came From, Fierce Chicks!

    Developing a profit-first business plan and pricing strategy
    Confidently using Xero and other fintech tools to keep your books in check
    Making the most of social media and digital marketing for your business
    A strong understanding of your ideal customer and how to reach them
    Crafting a brand story that will help you attract your ideal customers
    Tracking all the important numbers and measures of business success

      We know what you’re thinking: ‘that sounds amazing, but how much does it cost?’ But before we get to ‘the number’, take a moment to think about what it will cost you (both financially and mentally) to be exactly where you are right now in another 12 months. The cost of stagnation, of poor planning, of inefficiency – it’s pretty darned high, right? 

      And what would it cost you to have a 1:1 session with a kickass lawyer, financial adviser, copywriter or digital marketing expert and pick their brains? Anywhere from $150 to probably $450 an hour, right? Ouch. 

      We want to make it as accessible as possible for you to learn from some of Australia’s brightest and most experienced entrepreneurs. So, for just $49 a class, you can get access to all the tools and tricks you need to boost your business.

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      Fortune favours the fierce, so make the Year of the Tiger a roaring success 👉

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      Do I Have To Be A Client Of
      The Women’s Accountant To Join?

      Absolutely not! As your resident cheerleaders in business, having this series open to any woman in business is our way of grabbing life by the pom poms and cheering you on; walking the talk and providing unique and valuable advice to help you to succeed.

      Though be sure to join our community on social media and sign up for our email list for plenty more goodness!