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Video Masterclasses:

Xero to Shero: Accounting Hacks 101

Xero to Shero

Accounting Hacks 101

Kicking off our Biz Booster Masterclass Series, our very own Founder and multi-award winning accountant Emma Bowdler will take you from Xero to Shero, showing you firsthand how to use this powerful finance software to its potential. To help you set up your year to be a roaring success, we’re offering this Masterclass completely *FREE*!

Nailing Your Pricing Strategy

Nailing Your
Pricing Strategy

Before you tear out any more precious locks over pricing, let’s break down how to design the right pricing strategy for your business to maximise profits, minimise risk and align with your business goals.

The Biggest Bang For Your Marketing Buck

The Biggest Bang For Your
Marketing Buck

In a world of ever-changing algorithms and an insatiable craving for content, content, content, knowing how to get the biggest bang for your marketing buck feels impossible. Grow your business’s digital footprint with authenticity and personality in this Masterclass with one of the best in the business! 

Tax Planning Essentials

Tax Planning

You know what they say – the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. In this Masterclass you will learn about the sexiest topic of them all – tax planning (ha!) – and how to make tax time ‘relax time’ with these essential tips designed to give you a little mo’ money in your back pocket, and a whole lot mo’ peace of mind. 

Lending, Leveraging & Loans

Lending, Leveraging
& Loans

We see you, lady, grinding, hustling and sweating it out to smash your business goals. We know you work hard for your money – so now it’s time to make your money work harder for you. One of our most trusted financial advisers will share her wisdom on all things lending, leveraging and loans to make sure you have everything you need to take action for your future.

New (Financial) Year, New You

New (Financial) Year,
New You!

More than half of small business owners say their finances impact their mental wellbeing. Clearly, it’s not just Jan that’s unhappy! Kick off the new financial year, by getting on top and staying on top of your business finances.

Legal Safeguards For Your Business

Legal Safeguards
For Your Business

The legal side of your business can feel like a whole other language. But a little ‘Legalese’ and some help from the experts can go a long way! From Business Structures 101 to Fair Work, cut through the jargon and gain the confidence you need to protect yourself and your business as you grow.

Bring Your Brand To Life With Story & Copy

Bring Your Brand To Life
With Story & Copy

Every time someone asks you about your business, you have the chance to tell a compelling and memorable story. But if you find yourself running for the nearest exit when someone asks what you do, this is the Masterclass for you! Learn from an honest-to-Goddess narrative queen how to tell your brand story and bring all the customers (and milkshakes) to the yard. 

Using Video To Get Your Biz On A Roll

Using Video To Get
Your Biz On A Roll

In this increasingly competitive and crowded online world, we want to experience genuine connection with the businesses we support. Create greater connection with your clients and customers using these accessible, low-cost tips from a bonafide video ninja and get ready to get on a roll.

Business Boundaries & Workplace Culture

Business Boundaries
& Workplace Culture

Healthy workplace cultures and good business boundaries don’t happen by accident. They take work. With the help of one of our favourite mental wellness experts, cultivate some simple skills to help you combat burnout, create a thriving workplace culture and have difficult conversations with ease.

Growing Your Wealth With Investing

Grow Your Wealth
With Investing

Bringing the year to a close, we are giving that money mindset an almighty makeover to help you step up and step into an even more profitable and successful financial year.

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