Pitch Perfect – Bring Your Brand To Life By Nailing The Narrative

Every time someone asks you about your business, you have the chance to tell a compelling and memorable story. But if you find yourself running for the nearest exit when someone asks what you do, this is the Masterclass for you! Learn from an honest-to-Goddess narrative queen how to tell your brand story and bring all the customers to the yard.

Presented by the Queen of Story Telling, Carmen Hawker from Carmen Get It

For better or worse, your ‘About’ page website copy is perhaps the most important copy (words that get people to do things) that you’ll ever write. 

Done well, you not only establish your credibility and expertise, but you build trust and connection in a way that makes it more likely you will attract your target audience. Done poorly, well you can make that quantum leap for yourself.

Your website’s ‘About’ page should tell a story that informs and engages your audience, differentiates you, and moves people to act. And, as much as it is about you, it is also about your audience and how you can help them.

Together, let’s unpack how to communicate who we are and what we do in a warm, confident and succinct way that demonstrates our expertise, aaaaaaand also gives the people we’re speaking to a compelling reason to do business with us.

What we will cover:

  1. The basics of Brand Narrative – the difference between your business and your ‘brand’, and why it matters; 
  2. The building blocks of a good About page – step-by-step we go through what a good About page will have;
  3. Who it’s really about – finding the sweet spot between establishing our credentials and making sure our ideal target audience sees themselves represented;
  4. Where else you can use it – you didn’t think we’d just stop at websites, did you? Let’s see where else we can get mileage out of our brand narrative from LinkedIn to lunch with friends;
  5. Extra tips to add personality and pizzaz to your copy – helping your business and your brand stand out for all the right reasons.

This Masterclass is perfect for you if:

  • You are good at a lot of things in your business but writing isn’t your superpower
  • You struggle to articulate what you offer in a succinct and easy-to-remember way
  • You aren’t bringing the right people to the yard and want to better connect with your ideal target audience
  • You feel like your current ‘About’ page or bio is not representing you accurately
  • You would rather do anything else but talk about yourself, including a full body wax

You will dance away with:

  • A step-by-step structure to tackle your About page with confidence.
  • A better understanding of the difference between your business and your brand.
  • Sore cheeks from laughing so much and a newfound confidence to answer the dreaded ‘what do you do?’ question.

Once you nail your narrative, this newfound consistency and coherence can be a serious source of confidence.

Your facilitator

A wear your heart on your earlobes kinda gal who specialises in story-driven copy and content for purpose-led businesses, Carmen Hawker is a digital communicator, copywriter and storyteller with a decade of experience bringing social change campaigns, content and communities to life. 

The Founder of CARMEN GET IT!, she is a woman of many talents and she’ll teach you step-by-step how to create a bio that makes people want more of whatever it is you’re selling.


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Emma Bowdler | The Women's Accountant

Your Facilitator

Emma Bowdler

Cheerleader for women in business and an accountant bursting with personality. With a Bachelor of Commerce Emma is  an award-winning international entrepreneur and Registered Tax Agent.

Having managed four successful businesses including an accounting firm since 2009, and as a mum of four, Emma knows firsthand that running your own business is not all lollipops and lychee martinis.  It can be a grind, and it can also be a little lonely at times, which is why she knows that every boss needs their cheerleader. 

Starting The Women’s Accountant in 2019 was her way of using her skills as an accountant & business advisor to help cut through the BS and help other boss ladies thrive.