The Price is Right – Nailing Your Pricing Strategy

Before you tear out any more precious locks over pricing, let’s break down how to design the right pricing strategy for your business to maximise profits, minimise risk and align with your business goals.

In this 60 minute Masterclass, our Head Bean Counter Emma will share some of the key concepts she uses to help business owners set their pricing strategies, including:

  • Pricing 101 – some basic concepts and why you need a pricing strategy pronto
  • What to charge – the simple calculation that can show you exactly how much profit you are making and whether you need to charge more
  • Types of pricing strategies  – we will take a look at four different ways you can set your prices 
  • Pricing for you industry – let’s unpack what pricing looks like in different industries
  • ‘Hidden’ costs of being in business – how to boost that bottom line and build resilience into your pricing

This Masterclass is perfect for:

  • Burnt out bosses who feel like they’re constantly ‘winging’ their pricing strategy
  • Women who know they’re not charging enough, and want to charge more
  • Bosses who aren’t sure how to set their prices or who are worried ‘no one will pay that’
  • Business owners curious about what’s normal in other industries and how to be competitive
  • Smart and savvy business owners looking to increase their profitability by overcoming hidden costs of doing business

You will dance away with:

  • Clarity on your business’ profitability and what impact your prices are having on your bottom line
  • An understanding of the different pricing strategies you can implement
  • Confidence that you are charging what you need to charge to hit your business goals


So, before you tear out any more precious locks over pricing – let us help you get the price right and ready to…COME ON DOWN!


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Emma Bowdler | The Women's Accountant

Your Facilitator

Emma Bowdler

Cheerleader for women in business and an accountant bursting with personality. With a Bachelor of Commerce Emma is  an award-winning international entrepreneur and Registered Tax Agent.

Having managed four successful businesses including an accounting firm since 2009, and as a mum of four, Emma knows firsthand that running your own business is not all lollipops and lychee martinis.  It can be a grind, and it can also be a little lonely at times, which is why she knows that every boss needs their cheerleader. 

Starting The Women’s Accountant in 2019 was her way of using her skills as an accountant & business advisor to help cut through the BS and help other boss ladies thrive.