Personal Money Makeover – Financial Self Care

Creating money habits to help you thrive in the New Year and beyond

As we bring the year to a close, let’s give that tired and stressed bank balance an almighty money makeover with a financial self-care routine that will help you shake off the year and step into thrive-town.



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A 2021 Ellevest survey found that nearly half of women feel financial stress has taken a toll on their mental and emotional health. If that’s you, let’s change that, with a Masterclass from none other than ex-accountant, ex-financial adviser and ex-working till she drops, Mel BrowneHaving helped thousands of people positively transform their finances, Mel will be giving you the ultimate end-of-year pep talk to help you kick your financial self-care into high gear in the New Year and beyond.

What Mel will cover:

  1. Life beyond the clickbait — how to turn down the noise on scary clickbait headlines about inflating, recession and the rising cost of living before they sneak up and bite you on the fin-ass.
  2. How to beat money stress and overwhelm — like many other people, when it comes to your finances, chances are you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed. This session will give you practical tips to help change that.
  3. Creating a financial self-care routine — chances are you're already taking care of yourself in other areas of your life. But is it really self-care if you're not including your finances?
  4. Financial resilience 101 — start moving you towards a place where you're not simply developing financial resilience in these uncertain times but you are t-h-r-i-v-i-n-g.
  5. Letting go of guilt — that pesky feeling has no place when it comes to your money. We show you how to banish it for good.

This Masterclass is perfect for you if:

  • You get overwhelmed and stressed by news headlines like ‘rising cost of living’ and ‘inflation’
  • You don’t yet have a financial self-care routine or yours needs a serious tune up 
  • You want to level-up your finances and gain greater financial clarity and confidence
  • You feel like you keep stumbling over the same money hang ups and you are ready to create a new story for yourself
  • You are a boss ass woman who wants to be in the driver’s seat of her finances and her life

You will dance away with:

  • Tried & tested ways to start moving you towards greater financial resilience and thriving
  • Knowledge on how to set up a new financial self-care routine
  • Practical tips to help you move towards greater confidence and clarity during these uncertain times

As Mel says, it's time for you to make one of two choices: the first choice is to do nothing, knowing full well that, if you choose nothing... then nothing changes.  The second choice is to start to write a new financial story for yourself because you actually *want* to change the way you deal with your finances — whether that's paying down debt, starting to invest or just finally doing something.

Your facilitator

Mel Browne is a financial educator, advocate & entrepreneur. She is also a best-selling author, speaker and has featured in Harper's Bazaar, Elle, The Collective, Madison, Vogue, Huffington Post, CEO Magazine, and many many more. In 2016, Mel was named one of The Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence and it’s not hard to see why. This talented woman has built, owned and sold multiple seven figure businesses, created a financial and business education solution for Gen X and Y and co-founded Thinkers.inq, innovative long day Preschools based on creative and critical thinking.

Helping thousands of people reduce their financial overwhelm and design a life they're excited about, she is particularly passionate about helping women move from where they are now to a place they didn't even believe was possible — one where they are financially empowered and well both in their personal finances and in their businesses. Unafraid to have courageous conversations — whether that's about finances or one of the many other things we're avoiding in life — expect this to be a jam-packed hour that will leave you feeling changed.

Emma Bowdler | The Women's Accountant

Your Facilitator

Emma Bowdler

Cheerleader for women in business and an accountant bursting with personality. With a Bachelor of Commerce Emma is  an award-winning international entrepreneur and Registered Tax Agent.

Having managed four successful businesses including an accounting firm since 2009, and as a mum of four, Emma knows firsthand that running your own business is not all lollipops and lychee martinis.  It can be a grind, and it can also be a little lonely at times, which is why she knows that every boss needs their cheerleader. 

Starting The Women’s Accountant in 2019 was her way of using her skills as an accountant & business advisor to help cut through the BS and help other boss ladies thrive.